Investments in Health

澳门一肖一码一必中一肖 takes on health challenges by supporting investments in health by government agencies, foundations, and other grantmaking organizations. Our strategic advisory and grant-making services direct funds to where they are most needed, spurring catalytic changes in biomedical research and community health. With over sixty years of experience in grant making strategy, we ensure that our clients and partners can see and measure the impact of their investments. Services include:

  • Research & strategic planning: 澳门一肖一码一必中一肖 explores the funding landscape for investment and provides planning services for grant programs, so that your funds generate optimal impact.
  • Program design: 澳门一肖一码一必中一肖 collaborates with our partners and clients to design funding initiatives and grant programs that align with your vision, mission, and strategy.
  • Program management: 澳门一肖一码一必中一肖 provides grantmaking advisory and implementation services to deliver on your investment vision.
  • Learning & evaluation: 澳门一肖一码一必中一肖 evaluates your investments using rigorous methods to measure the impact of funding initiatives.
  • Research capacity building: 澳门一肖一码一必中一肖 builds capacity of funders and grant recipients to understand and increase the impact of their work by facilitating scientific convenings, mentorship programs, and trainings in topics like science communication and evaluation methods.

Biomedical Research

Investing in health through biomedical research funding creates exciting and transformative opportunities to improve human health. The Medical Foundation at 澳门一肖一码一必中一肖 works with individuals, bank trusts, and family foundations to understand their goals and values, and to develop and implement customized philanthropic investment strategies to accelerate medical discoveries. We work with our clients to refine their investment approaches in the context of current investment gaps and opportunities. We draw on decades of experience in biomedical research portfolio management to implement investment strategies and achieve impact. We create customized tools to assess programmatic impact over time and provide consistent rigor in our program evaluation and portfolio impact reporting processes.

Community Health

Investments in community health are funded by government and foundation initiatives that are playing an increasingly important role in stimulating social services research, supporting community programs, and improving population health. Our clients and partners are hospitals, health systems, foundations, individuals, and public organization who are committed to meaningful change to advance population health. Together, we work to identify evidence-based or innovative funding strategies, and then implement customized grant programs that advance data-informed priorities to improve community and population health.